Swimming Lesson in McKinney

The importance of Swimming Lessons for Children

Seventy-one percent of the earth is covered in water. This staggering number tells us how important water is, and even more importantly why children should have swimming lessons in McKinney, TX. If there is more water than land, then there is a great chance that you will come across a body of water and want to swim. People flock to the oceans (except maybe the artic ocean) during the summer months, and what better way for a child to enjoy their time on a beach than swimming through the waves.

Reason one: Exercise

Children and youth have more energy, and as the world starts to normalize from the pandemic, they need an outlet to release this energy and get some exercise. Swimming lessons in McKinney, TX are a great way for children to get physical exercise in a safe way. Swimming is a low impact workout, so it will not strain legs or bodies as they are growing or if they are recovering from other activities. Swimming lessons are also a great workout for keeping the lungs and heart healthy while improving flexibility and strength.

Reason two: safety

Although it is not thought of as a way of mitigating a safety factor, teaching a child to swim may save their lives or the life of someone else. Not only is the earth covered in water, but we also build personal pools and recreation centers with swimming facilities. Everywhere we go, there is water. Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death for children between the ages of one and four. By enrolling a child in swimming lesson in McKinney, TX, you can reduce their risk of drowning by up to eighty-eight percent.

Reason three: fear

Many children and adults have a fear of water called aquaphobia. Sometimes it is from a bad experience—or even from watching the movie Jaws; however, this fear can prevent someone from entering the water and can take away the joy that they could have experienced. It has been shown that, when children participate in swimming lessons from a young age, they can overcome this fear. It is also this fear that can lead to drowning. If someone falls into water and they have a fear of water, they begin to panic and won’t be able to think of how to save themselves. This can eventually lead them to drown.

Reason four: build self-esteem and life lessons

Many parents put their children in sports to help build self-esteem and confidence. When a child is able to accomplish tasks, they will build their confidence and their self-esteem. Swimming lessons in McKinney, TX are a sport that can create a happy and confident child. They can learn and progress at their own pace without the pressure of others. Swimming lessons in McKinney, TX also teach children to listen to coaches and to become a team player. This, in turn, allows children to learn about social interaction and how to deal with conflicts, as well as how to celebrate successes together.

Swimming is an essential skill that children across the world should develop. For more information about swimming lessons, click here.

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