Success is not defined by performing at a high level once. It’s about getting better every day.
We have a heritage of fitness and health professionals in training competitive athletes, but we don’t stop there.
Our combination of experience and ongoing innovation in training protocols guarantee enhanced fitness results — at any age and ability. As the industry leader, it’s a commitment we make to each of our members.


Something for Everyone

When you dig into our solutions, you’ll access tailored plans that offer your optimal form of fitness training. No matter your preference:

  • Workouts with a group
  • One-on-one private training
  • Self-guided
  • Step-by-step guidance & progress monitoring

We work with you to create YOUR personalized success plan. Every last team member here at the club works with each club member to produce lasting results.


Group Training Experience

60-minute, intense group strength training, focusing on the upper, lower, or full body each session. Evolve is a course that both challenges and continually pushes its participants. Each month, the intensity rises, propelling participants forward. you get the experience, tenacity, and results of personal training with the accountability of group exercise.

Group Excercise

The path to a healthier well-being should never be walked alone. In our group exercise classes, fitness becomes a community, with instructors invested in your progress and fellow participants eager to welcome you. Take advantage of a fitness plan with structure, accountability, energy and passion.


Build strength, gain flexibility, and get in touch with your body at one of Collin County’s most well-equipped Pilates studios. Our instructors adapt group and individual classes to their students’ needs, crafting an experience that is both inviting and challenging. Click below to schedule your first session!


Calm your mind and strengthen your body with our daily yoga classes. Our yoga team offers soothing, intimate sessions in a stunning, bright studio. Find your community, find your breath, find your peace.

New Members Only

Well Done & Welcome!
When you came here, you made a choice — a commitment to improve yourself. And that commitment means you belong here. Here, we are a community of life enthusiasts eager to surpass our limitations. We want to accomplish what we’ve always said we would accomplish, and we want to do it together.
Your well-rounded club experience starts here.  Check off each of the amenities available to you as you experience each one.
  • Download our community app
  • Book complimentary fitness session (personal training or pilates)
  • RSVP to Alive & Well New Member Celebration and Orientation
  • Claim your swag
  • Have a complimentary coffee with a club ambassador
  • Try a group exercise class
  • Try Evolve group training
  • Book a complimentary compression therapy session
  • Try our spa
  • Meet another club member
  • Check out our Club Happenings on our website
  • Relax in our wet and dry sauna
  • Take a swim in our olympic size pool

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