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Online VS In-Person Personal Training

New Year’s is now over, and a month has passed since we have made our New Year’s resolutions. Although 2020 was a year people wanted to forget as they welcomed 2021 with open arms, many people made the same resolutions that they made every year: budget better, do more with the family, and be physically healthier. For the last option, there is help to be had with personal training in McKinney, TX. In 2021, there are many options, even when it comes to personal fitness. There are mirrors that can help you exercise, smart watches with apps in them to get you moving, and many online physical health options; however, none of them will replace in-person personal training in McKinney, TX.


Motivation, or the lack of motivation, is what either keeps us going when trying to get physically better or what stops us from succeeding. When you are motivated, it is easier to push yourself one more step in a run, one more pushup, or one more rep while working out your arms. Self-motivation is a great start, but soon we begin to find reasons not to continue: life is too busy, I need a rest, I am not seeing results. Then the reasons begin to pile up and we slow down. If you have in-person personal training in McKinney, TX, the motivation is stronger. There is someone there to cheer you on. Hearing someone with encouraging words creates a higher motivation to succeed. When you are working with someone in person, they are focused on you and can see your improvements. When working online, there are words of encouragement, but they are not personal, and the avatar on the screen does not see your progress. It is just programmed to say encouraging things at various intervals.


When there is someone that is holding you accountable and is interested in your success, you are more likely to want to succeed as well. With someone talking to you through your struggles and holding you accountable for your actions can bring a sense of pride when you succeed. This can be a little goal, such as one more squat or 2 minutes more on the bike to bigger goals of lifting 20lbs more. When you make a contract with someone that you are going to succeed, there is a greater chance of this success. When completing personal training in McKinney, TX, you can find people to hold you accountable for your success.

Personal contact

Personal contact is not physical touching, but the interaction with others. When doing personal training in McKinney, TX, you will get personal contact. This could be from a personal trainer or from taking a group class or exercise program. There are more options for personal contact than there are when working online. Even with an online group, there is not the same connection that a person has when working out in-person. The personal contact increases the motivation from the group or trainer—and the accountability. The personal contact of a group can also create a personal challenge or group challenge to push yourself, or to push the group as a whole. When working out in-person, groups will often want everyone to succeed and help each other achieve their personal goals. This motivation is not matched when working out online.

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