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Parents’ Night Out Events

Press Release - July. 8, 2020

July 8, 2020

Parents’ Night Out Events

Parents’ Night Out Events Returning This Week

MCKINNEY, Texas – Parents’ Night Out events will return to the Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa Youth Center this week, giving kids a fun-filled evening and parents a well-deserved night off.

The weekly four-hour outings will begin again from 5-9 p.m. Friday, July 10 and continue every Friday afterward, bringing kids ages 8 weeks to 11 years together with dinner, hands-on fun and a movie.

The evenings are packed with energy and new experiences for member and non-member participants, said Youth Center Manager Apple Jackson. Fitness activities like soccer, kickball or races on the track keep kids moving during the evening and leave them ready for bed when it’s time to go home, Jackson said. The events encourage kids to face challenges, like overcoming shyness to make new friends or happily trying fruits or veggies for the first time, she said.

“It’s like a party … The atmosphere is much different from what we do during the day,” Jackson said. “It’s a way for kids to have that socialization, to make friends, to have fun and to learn new things. … They’re free to have fun and be themselves.”

Upcoming Parents’ Night Out events include:

Pajama Party – Friday, July 10, 5-9 p.m.

Food: Pizza, chips and punch

Fun: Storytelling and picnic

Movie: “Alice in Wonderland”


Water Gun Fun – Friday, July 17, 5-9 p.m.

Food: Pizza and watermelon

Fun: Water guns and obstacle course

Movie: “Surf’s Up”


Water Slide Fun – Friday, July 24, 5-9 p.m.

Food: Quesadillas, chips and salsa

Fun: Water slide

Movie: “Beauty and the Beast”


Scavenger Hunt – Friday, July 31, 5-9 p.m.

Food: Fish sticks and tots

Fun: Scavenger hunt and soccer

Movie: “How to Train Your Dragon”


Events are $30 for one child, $15 for each additional child from the same family and $35 for children ages 2 and under. Non-member rates are $5 higher.

Like all Youth Center programs, Parents’ Night Out events are held in accordance with Craig Ranch Fitness health and safety procedures. All kids will have their temperatures checked at the door and children ages 10 and up must wear masks while near other kids. Play areas are sanitized and both teachers and kids frequently wash their hands. Beyond this, all games and activities are designed with social distancing in mind, often spacing kids out with their own materials.

Parents can contact the Youth Center at 214-383-1030 or to reserve a spot. All reservations must be made by noon the day of the event.

The Youth Center at Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa is an expansive, hands-on child care family with services open to members and non-members. Anyone is welcome to schedule a birthday party in the center’s play areas or sign up for this year’s themed summer camps. Two-hour day care for kids 8 weeks to 11 years old is also available for children of parents exercising at the facility, including a schedule packed with story time, crafts, movies, bounce houses, fitness classes, free play and more.


Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa, North Texas’ premier destination for fitness and health, is on a mission to walk with its members as individuals, helping each reach a wholly fulfilling lifestyle and sense of well-being.    

The club’s 80,000-square-foot facility and eight-acre property offer one of the most diverse and comprehensive lists of amenities on the market, including indoor and outdoor running tracks, functional training equipment, pickleball and tennis courts, dozens of group exercise classes a week, extensive personal training programs, recovery center, full-service spa, on-site Youth Center, and aquatic classes housed in the region’s only Olympic-size swimming pool. We fit well, and we become better together.    

For more information on the facility and its programs, visit or connect with the club on Facebook and Instagram.

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