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Housekeeping Upgrades

Press Release - June 29, 2020

June 29, 2020

Housekeeping Upgrades

Craig Ranch Fitness Adds Internal Housekeeping Department and Electrostatic Spraying in Response to COVID-19

MCKINNEY, Texas — In an effort to provide the safest environment possible to its guests and staff, Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa has taken several steps to augment its health and safety standard, including the implementation of a new internal housekeeping department and the utilization of top-level disinfection equipment.

Headed by Director Mel Finley, an expert with more than 20 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, our new housekeeping team is carrying out deep disinfection daily throughout the entire facility, targeting everything from touchable surfaces to ventilation systems to flooring.

“We want to be excellent in what we do…” Finley said. “This is going to set this facility apart because we’ve taken the cleaning standard to the highest level, and that’s where we’re going to keep it.”

Among the more aggressive new sanitation measures is electrostatic disinfection, a procedure that uses positive and negative charges to electromagnetically adhere disinfecting solutions to nearby surfaces. In other words, the process wraps disinfectant around an entire surface, including small, narrow, or difficult-to-reach areas. The result is immediate, touchless, 360-degree sanitation.

Paired with a high-grade, EPA-registered disinfectant — as is being done at CRFS — the process is incredibly effective, killing 99.99% of bacteria found in viral and fungal infections in just four minutes, Finley said.

Electrostatic spraying has been in high demand in the fight against COVID-19, with increased usage by medical facilities, hotels, schools, day cares, and airlines. While some facilities use electrostatic disinfection on a limited basis, Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa is utilizing the process daily on every inch of the facility.

“We’re doing all of this not quarterly, but daily. And that’s what’s going to make the difference…” Finley said. “We’re ensuring the comfort level and the safety of our guests by exceeding what’s normal and we are extraordinary in that.”

Beyond this, our housekeeping team is using top-level disinfectant in dry vapor steam machines to clean the facility’s carpets each day. Electrostatic disinfection is also being used to disinfect the facility’s ventilation system, a process that literally cleans the air.

These changes and more have shortened and simplified daily cleaning measures, Finley said, allowing staff to disinfect the entire facility each day in less time.

Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa will continue to monitor CDC guidelines and adjust its housekeeping measures to enact the best cleaning processes available.

All new procedures will work in conjunction with the enhanced health and safety protocols the club implemented in May, including constant equipment and studio wipe-downs by members and staff, staggering closed equipment to ensure social distancing, increased sanitation stations in fitness areas, temperature checks at the door, and masks required for all staff members.

All sanitation efforts are carried out with excellence and diligence, with the safety of the club’s community in mind.

“You can feel free to come to the club. You can be safe. And you can know that you’re going to be safe because we’re going to ensure that,” Finley said. “I take this very seriously. Not just because of my background, but for the simple fact that we are a community. And if we want our community to thrive, then guests’ well-being and health must be number one. And the best way to do that is utilizing our department. We can make a difference every day by doing our job correctly.”


Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa, North Texas’ premier destination for fitness and health, is on a mission to walk with its members as individuals, helping each reach a wholly fulfilling lifestyle and sense of well-being.    

The club’s 80,000-square-foot facility and eight-acre property offer one of the most diverse and comprehensive lists of amenities on the market, including indoor and outdoor running tracks, functional training equipment, pickleball and tennis courts, dozens of group exercise classes a week, extensive personal training programs, recovery center, full-service spa, on-site Youth Center, and aquatic classes housed in the region’s only Olympic-size swimming pool. We fit well, and we become better together.    

For more information on the facility and its programs, visit or connect with the club on Facebook and Instagram.

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