Group Exercise

The path to a healthier well-being should never be walked alone. In our group exercise classes, fitness becomes a community, with instructors invested in your progress and fellow participants eager to welcome you. Take advantage of a fitness plan with structure, accountability, energy and passion.

Find Your Fit

  • Adults + youth
  • All skill levels
  • Anyone + everyone looking for structured, social fitness

Well Done

  • All classes included with membership*
  • Dozens of classes available every week
  • Friendly, certified instructors
  • Upgraded, top-of-the-line yoga and cycle studios


  • Fuses Latin, international, and world-beat music
  • Easy-to-follow dance moves
  • Cardio, but it feels like a party!


  • Upbeat music, motivating instructors, and engaging visual effects
  • Sculpting & full aerobic classes
  • High-intensity and low-impact cardio


  • Full-body workout suited for all levels
  • High-energy and no impact
  • Focused on mindful muscle movements to increase alignment and flexibility


  • Motivating music combined with scientifically proven moves
  • Barbell-based workout designed to help you get lean and fit
  • Helps you achieve targets more quickly than you would working out on your own


  • Burn fat, build muscle, and improve strength
  • Fast-paced, high-intensity, full-body workout
  • Improves muscular strength, cardio endurance, and joint mobility

Step Interval

  • Alternates strength and cardiovascular exercises using step
  • Body-sculpting, fat-burning, and strength-training
  • Step to lively, energetic music!

Cardio Interval

  • Intervals of bodyweight exercises, free weights, balance, and core
  • Fast-paced, high-energy resistance training and cardio endurance
  • Maximizes time, energy, and metabolism

Cardio Dance

  • Cardio that feels like a party!
  • High-energy, feel-good music
  • Easy-to-follow moves that will give you endorphins!

Water Aerobics

  • Aerobic and strength-training exercise
  • High-intensity, yet no-impact workout
  • Underwater moves use more energy and burn more calories


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Areas Served:

We offer group exercise classes in the following cities and counties in Texas.

Cities: McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Plano

Counties: Collin County

Zip Codes: 75070, 75035, 75013, 75025, 75072

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When you came here, you made a choice — a commitment to improve yourself. And that commitment means you belong here. Here, we are a community of life enthusiasts eager to surpass our limitations. We want to accomplish what we’ve always said we would accomplish, and we want to do it together.
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