6 Things Your Trainer Wants You To Know

[vc_row enable_grid_lines=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]By Mary Lanari, CRFS Master Trainer

So, you’ve hired a personal trainer. Now what?

Our first session is always about getting to know you, your goals, your “whys,” how you move, what you eat, how much sleep you’re getting, any past injuries, and more. All of this helps us give you the best and most efficient training experience. We learn from you, about you.

Now, we want you to learn from us. Here are a few things we want you to know before starting (or continuing) your fitness journey with us!

1. Getting yourself to the gym is a WIN.

Hey, not a lot of people get “up and at ‘em” to challenge their bodies with physical exercise. You do. And that’s the start of many wins to come!

You’ve taken that first step to better your health. Now, all you have to do is trust us to help you achieve your goals. We think your commitment and investment in yourself is awesome and we are here to help!

Now, down to the nitty-gritty!

2. Fat loss can not be targeted on a certain body part.

I’m sure you’ve heard weight loss is 70% nutrition and 30% exercise. You’ve also probably heard that different people store fat in different places on their bodies.

As trainers, we understand the frustration when it comes to tightening up in certain areas. As you learn what works for your body to burn fat in the nutrition area, it will be a lot easier to tone up with physical fitness.

3. Serious results take time and dedication.

Sometimes losing weight is a little more involved than just killing yourself with HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

Trainers are here to assess your Inbody results, help you improve your nutrition, and give you efficient workouts. We correct your form, work with you on your breathing, and diversify plans to keep your body challenged. Do the work and stay committed. Your trainer will, too!

4. Sometimes it is hormones, but most of the time its nutrition.

It’s so easy to blame genetics, the trainer, hormones, stress, or other factors when you are not seeing (or feeling) positive results. But, in reality, most of the time it’s your diet.

Have you heard of secret eating? When your trainer asks you to track your food, we are aware (because nearly 100% of us do it) that not everything may make it on the intake list. We still want you to try, though!

Give yourself three days. TRACK EVERYTHING! Share the numbers with us. More often than not, there’s a nutrition issue that needs to be corrected. That being said, we will always keep all factors in mind.

5. Sleep is important.

We all know sleep is important, but it’s still one of the most common things we give up when stress starts to creep into our lives.

Getting a good night’s rest gives us time to recover physically, grow muscles, burn fat, and prepare mentally for the next day.

It helps you maintain a healthy balance of hormones, like ghrelin and leptin, which make you feel hungry and full, respectively. If sleep is limited, your ghrelin levels may increase, as your leptin levels decrease, causing you to eat more often than you need.

There is so much more to the benefits of a good night’s sleep, but bottom line: Do your best to get a good night’s sleep before training.

6. We are here for YOU!

We are here to help you reach your goal. Don’t be afraid to share your joys and disappointments with us. It’s not just about your body — we care about your OVERALL health, which includes your mind and spirit.

Your well-being is our top priority and we are here to keep you on track so you are able to maintain the drive and motivation to stay active and healthy.

As the pandemic continues, it’s vital we continue to stay active and boost our immune system with good exercise and a well-balanced diet.

But how do we keep ourselves accountable if we feel wary returning to the gym? You can now train with your Craig Ranch Fitness + Spa trainer from afar with the club’s Virtual Fit program.

You’ll be able to see workouts, challenges, and demonstrations of the exercises assigned, AND track your food intake, allowing your trainer to help you reach your goals faster.

Book an assessment today or visit our website to learn more about all of our training programs. We are here for YOU![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]